Wined (beered) and Dined

Alright lads. It’s Ursula here, and I’m going to give you a little insight on the dreaded holiday that more than likely ends up being pretty anti-climactic…well, you know what I mean. Valentine’s Day is usually filled with expensive flowers that will die in a week, fancy chocolates, and sappy cards. (See ya never $50.) So how do we turn this holiday into one we actually enjoy celebrating? Give the gift that everyone truly wants – beer!

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Norman Miller over at Wicked Local Mattapoisett has written an article concerning the romantic level of beer, gathering opinions from all the experts – local bloggers, brewers, and beer lovers. Obviously, they’re all in our favor and side with that butterfly feeling you get when you hear that first ‘clink’ of the bottles in that magical brown goody bag.

A few notable choices for the lovebirds on Valentine’s Day are chocolate stouts, Belgian lambics, and krieks, due to their fruity taste, smooth body, and vibrant coloring.

Another great idea in the article is to actually make a mini vacation of the day. Visit a brewery or town filled with local craft brews and fun bars/pubs.

Ok, so I can’t guarantee that every girl will throw her arms around you if you limit the gifts to just beer…I’d probably throw in that poetic single red rose for backup and definitely pick up the tab at the end of the night. The ladies just want to feel special (and we know you do too). The moral of the story is really just enjoy yourself with your partner and loved ones by keeping it simple. There’s no need to turn a Hallmark holiday into an extravagant event (especially considering the economic times). If ya like beer, stick with it. Maybe introduce a new brew to taste together or spend some quality time taking a day trip to the brewery down the road (free samples!). All-in-all, time spent together is time well spent, and a little buzz never hurts either.

Enjoy yourselves! I, on the other hand, will be celebrating my boyfriend’s birthday, which happens to fall on Valentine’s Day, and is all about him, and not me…Not bitter at all, I swear…

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