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Humans have consumed beer since the dawn of history, when nomads of Mesopotamia settled into agricultural communities to grow grains to make beer. Today, we drink more beer than all other alcoholic beverages combined. The styles, colors and flavors of beer we drink, and the traditions that surround it, are as varied as mankind itself.

The Beer Traveler will bring viewers to the greatest beer-making cities on the planet, and into the castles, monasteries, farmhouses, countryside pubs, big-city taverns and industrial brewing monoliths where the world’s greatest and most interesting beer is made and enjoyed.

The Beer Traveler will introduce viewers to regional beer styles around the globe, and to the customs and ceremonies that surround its consumption. Along the way, we’ll meet the most famous historical figures and the most fascinating contemporary personalities who drive the industry today. We’ll learn about unique beer-and-food pairing traditions around the globe, and visit verdant fields where family farms grow the raw materials used to make beer, from golden rows of barley swaying in the breeze to towering vines of hops.

Viewers will learn that regional beers and styles are intricately intertwined with local geography, culture and tradition around the planet.

3 Responses to About The Beer Traveler

  1. Hey Beer Traveler, Eli from Beer Tap TV. Each week on our craft beer news show (Beer Buzz) we do a segment called “Beer Blog of the week.” We’re going to feature your blog in the next episode. Is there anything that we can’t find on our site (like your name) that you want us to include!

    Cheers and keep up the great work!

  2. Candice Clotwatt says:

    There brewery in Poughkeepsie, NY maybe Hyde Park, I can’t remember if it is across the PK, Hyde Park line, but they not only have some good beer, but really good Burgers. Wish you could try it.

    Candice Clotwatt
    Blog Editor http://www.bulbamerica.com
    GE Bulbs

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