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UrsulaThe Beer Traveler’s YouTube fanatic, this brew lover specializes in bringing you the best of the beer videos, from commercials to movie clips to hilarious home videos. Born and raised in Ireland until the age of 12, you could say it’s in her blood to have a knack for this sort of thing. It doesn’t hurt that her parents own an authentic Irish pub and restaurant in Massachusetts too. If you’re looking for a pint of Bud, you should probably go elsewhere. Most of life’s major events, and plenty of minor ones, involve drinking. Ursula’s mission is to find the videos that encompass this attitude and embrace the beer-drinking culture for the role it plays alongside our greatest memories and achievements.

If you happen to come across any good beer videos (chances are she’s already seen them), but drop her a line anyway just in case!


January 25, 2011
I’m sure you guys are aware of this new magical (magnetic) beer dispenser that pours pints in 2 seconds from the bottom up. But I figured it’s definitely Tapping the Tube worthy now that BottomsUP Beer has beaten their own world record with 56 pints in 1 minute! Check it out:


January 3, 2011
Foster’s adds to their hilarious new ad campaign on England’s win over Australia in the Ashes cricket tournament. They had to have some sort of answer to all the publicity Victoria Bitter is receiving for still handing out millions of vouchers for a free beer despite Australia’s loss. Check it out!


December 21, 2010
Here’s a fairly new ad campaign that’s been getting mixed reviews that I’d love to get your opinion on. Heineken UK has launched the “Good Call” campaign through a series of TV ads, as well as VoD, social media and digital as well as outdoor and ambient forms of advertising displays. The audience meets a couple of Australian guys hanging out in their beach hut named Brad and Dan. They operate a sort of helpline for callers in the UK to get advice on such trivial problems as a friend who stands too close when talking and what to do if your girlfriend ends up looking like her mum. All the while they boast a no worries persona and shrug off the beautiful girls in bikinis to get the caller through his dilemma. Although some people are criticizing the campaign for being “too Australian” for ads that run in the UK, it seems to resonate with the younger carefree population who relate to the humorous situations and silly circumstances presented in the ads. What do you guys think? I’m definitely on Team Brad & Dan!


May 4, 2010
Although the Bavaria Brewery has gotten a lot of press lately after their alleged publicity stunt at the World Cup earlier this summer (check it out), which has sent their website traffic sky rocketing, we feel the site deserves a little love anyway due to the unmatched detail and creativity that has been put into the design. So I know it’s not exactly a video or commercial…but you might wanna grab some popcorn (or beer?) for this one. Remember the computer game Myst? The Bavaria Brewery website navigates similarly to the graphic adventure game, complete with interactive maps and games. There’s no point in me even talking about it anymore, just check it out for yourselves and let me know what you think! Prepare to be amazed people!


Check out this video by Marty Benson. He and a group of friends made a 17mi trek to fill up an empty Stone Brewing Company keg they had lying around…and then actually turned around and cycled the whole way back with 160lbs worth of an environmentally friendly liquid prize! Great job guys – the Beer Traveler toasts to you from Boston!

All in a day’s work

Have Keg, Will Pedal from marty benson on Vimeo.


Starting off with the Budweiser “Whassup” commercial, this ad was hilarious when it was being broadcasted and has spawned so many variations and parodies, that it is obviously a huge success for Anheuser-Busch and the Budweiser product. It showed that Bud wasn’t trying to be anything fancy, but was a great selection of beer to be shared with friends when taking it easy and hanging out. And who could say no to that?



This is an ad for Australian beer Carlton Draught. It is ridiculously over the top, complete with the Carmina Burana song. The lyrics are pretty funny, and the way the people form the body at the end is very cool to watch.


I love this ad! Aaah, the things people will endure for a Bud Light. Actually, I think Bud Light has great advertising campaigns in general. This is definitely up there with the “Real Men of Genius” radio ads:


Here’s an ad for Greene King IPA. Although I’ve never tasted this beer, the fact that they’re making funny ads like this for it shows they’ve a quirky sense of humor but also believe they’ve got a great product…not even the Grim Reaper can pass it up. Death can wait, drink a beer!


Although during the Worst Beer poll on The Beer Traveler’s Facebook page, my friend named Heineken in his top three worst beers, you can’t deny they struck gold with this ad. Heineken is definitely more of a guy’s beer, so this ad knows how to reach its audience as well as get some extra laughs from those who wouldn’t normally grab a Heineken. Maybe we’ll have to give them another try after all.


Another Australian beer, Hahn Premium Light goes with the stereotypical hot chick in a bathing suit idea, but actually pulls off making it funny. It’s nice to see a guy can look past a girl’s looks…at her beer?


Guinness has always had great advertising. One of their more recent campaigns focuses on “Good things come to those who wait,” describing the sometimes agonizing wait people must endure for a proper pint of Guinness to settle. Playing on this idea, the ads don’t really have a purpose other than to keep you entertained when your pint is being poured. Mission accomplished.


This is the first beer ad I can remember. It launched in Ireland in 1994, and has been mimicked and parodied countless times in Ireland and the UK ever since. In fact, I’m pretty sure there’s a photo of me dancing along to it when I was 11 and living in Cork, Ireland. I remember hearing that when searching for the right actor for the ad, Guinness was looking for formal / ballet dancers, and Joe McKinney, having been dared by his friends, danced around like an idiot for his audition and ended up winning the part. I can’t seem to find anywhere that this is actually true, but it makes for a good story. I can’t get enough of this one.


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